Using Hypnosis to Enhance Technical Performance

Hypnosis is also similar to physical training in the way it is specifically tailored to the individual; it can strengthen the techniques you already use to improve confidence, focus, and relaxation during competition.

Self-Confidence and Motivation


It is frequently difficult for athletes to maintain a consistent level of self-confidence and motivation. One of the most frequent issues metioned by athletes is their tendency to allow their most recent performances to determine how they will perform in the future. This can create a snowball effect of negative thinking and a loss of self-confidence that will lead to real declines in performance and athletic success. Hypnosis can re-program this internal dialogue. Press the reset button on focus on long term success and overall achievement.

Injury and Pain Management

Hypnotic scripts are effective for pain reduction. A loss of confidence and fear can be harder to overcome than physical injury itself.

Testimonial: Soaring to New Heights

"She really helped me work on getting into the zone when I compete, which in any sport is a big thing." — Paige R.

Pole Vaulter and University of Calgary Dino, Paige is an elite athlete who made the junior team the summer after she started working with Lynn and set a record at the Western Canadian Summer Games. That year, she improved her personal best by almost 30cm (an incredible achievement) and Paige credits Lynn with helping her to clear her mind and push out all of the negative thoughts that previously distracted her during competition. She says "Especially in pole vault, there are so many things to think about. What we worked on was not thinking about those things. I've put in the work, I practice 6 days a week, it's not that I can't do any of these things. It was being confident and pushing them into the back of my mind." Watch the video below to see Paige in competition and watch her testimonial about working with Lynn.

Peak Performance with the Right State of Mind

Elite athletes understand that optimal performance depends on having the right state of mind. When athletes train their bodies, they also condition their mind to improve perception, attention, cognition, and memory. Many studies over the past 20 years have found hypnosis to politively effect athletic performance and achieve a flow-like state. Lynn has confirmed this in her own work with amateur and professional athletes in Calgary.

Testimonial: Improving My Game

CC-BY-SA-4.0  by Engadine Golf Club, 1997

CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Engadine Golf Club, 1997

Would like to thank you for the therapy sessions you have provide. Quitting smoking-air travel- golfing all sessions have had great success. As for the golfing session one improved my game although I still fell back into bad habits. The one area was I was more confident when I played and was able to fix bad habits through the game. The second session really took it over the top. After the second session the total swing sequence become very clear to me. It was like everything I read or was proved by my pro through lessons I understood and was able to put into practice. My game has improved substantially, areas such as slowing the back swing, setting up for the shot, ensuring club face is open and hitting won on the ball as well the follow through has improved by at least 80% in other words I make a good solid shot on target at least 80% of the time. The bad shots are still good. From the first to second session the difference I believe was I wanted the first one to leave a golf better the second I focused on understanding the swing and this has enable me to put it into practice again improving my game. Thank you again and looking forward to utilizing your service in the future.
— Dean S.

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