Release the Weight™ with Hypnosis

Access the Power of Your Unconscious Mind
to Achieve Your Ideal Weight Loss Goal

This hypnosis program gives you the control to achieve your ideal weight in a fit, toned and healthy body.

Control the choices you make about food and exercise.You will enter into hypnosis more deeply and effortlessly the more you use it. The same principles apply when building your muscles. 

Your own personalized hypnosis recordings will be designed to break through the old barriers that have been holding you back from achieving and permanently maintaining your ideal weight.

Control the weight loss balancing act.

Control the weight loss balancing act.

Your progress and success will be fortified by incorporating strategies and techniques to overcome your own unique triggers and emotional blocks. Because it is personalized and designed during your session it will communicate directly to your unconscious mind to take control once and for all.

Hypnosis Program Review

Session 1. Introduction to Hypnosis. Experience what it is like to enter into a hypnotic trance and meet your unconscious mind (your greatest ally). Power up your motivation while in hypnosis by designing your “magnificent makeover.” This will include ideal waist size, clothing size, what you will now be wearing and also feeling inside and out!

Session 2. Assess and identify your own unique triggers and learn self hypnosis techniques to block cravings and reduce feelings of emotional discomfort and stress.

Session 3. Learn to control emotional eating. Complete an emotional eating assessment that identifies your “high risk” emotions that lead to making unhealthy choices. Hypnosis to ally with the subconscious to promote inner feelings of comfort and calm that allow you to take back your power and be in charge of your emotions without them controlling you.

Session 4. Pull it all together. Design your own personalized hypnosis recording that empowers you to overcome cravings, manage your “high risk” emotions, stress and triggers. Imagine your success with hypnosis. Seeing yourself successfully take control during hypnosis is now transferred into reality.

Session 5. Learn to listen to your stomach. So many of us have learned to disconnect from our bodies and our stomachs because of the “love hate relationship” and struggles that have continued for what may seem like a lifetime. Use a mindfulness tool that helps you to become reacquainted with the sensations of hunger and satisfaction. This tool will then be incorporated into the hypnosis session to ensure that the brain and stomach work together as a powerful team to register feelings of fullness and satisfaction earlier, feeling satisfied with less and eating slowly like a gourmet.

Session 6. Learn to tune into your inner body signals to eat moderately, more frequently and feel satisfied. Shift your cravings from food to cravings for exercise! Power up your motivation and love of exercise. Experience a tailored hypnosis recording that incorporates what you love to do to move, tone and strengthen your body. Tips and strategies to ensure that you successfully keep the weight off permanently. Continuing to incorporate hypnosis into your life will ensure that you remain successfully focused on maintain your ideal weight and fitness goal.

Congratulations! You now have invaluable resources and tools that will allow you to continue to with the successes you have made!!  

Contact Lynn now to arrange an appointment and begin this fantastic and transformative program! Lynn is committed to offering valuable and effective treatment with your goals in mind.

Note: Before starting any nutrition or fitness program please consult with your physician.

I started listening to Lynn Lambert’s Release the Weight CD mid-October 2006. At that time, I had the belief that I was not able to lose weight anymore. I had gained 9.5 pounds in 2006 – not usual for me – and, after trying to lose it various times, felt it was too difficult to lose weight over the age of 40. I had resigned myself to having ‘middle-age spread’ but did not feel good about myself. When I heard about the CD, I immediately put it to use. I found, soon after, that I was losing interest in unhealthy, sweet and fatty foods. It was a natural transition … no restrictions … just the desire to make healthful choices automatically. Today, January 26, 2007, I have reached my goal weight – 14.5 pounds lighter. I have more energy, and I feel young again. Thank you, Lynn, for this special and effortless catalyst! 
— J. Anderson, Coach

Create New Habits of Health and Fitness

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