Be a Nonsmoker Now ™ Audio Recording

This is a self hypnosis program that allows you to use the power of your unconscious mind to stop smoking and to become a permanent nonsmoker without weight gain. As you listen to Lynn’s soothing voice you will discover how easy it is to travel into the realm of the unconscious mind and access its unlimited power to achieve your goal. This program applies the unique and dynamic approach Lynn Lambert has developed in her successful counselling practice as an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Be a Nonsmoker Now™ can help you overcome your smoking addiction. 


WARNING: Do not listen to this recording while driving or doing tasks that require concentration. This recording is not a substitute for a professional therapist or a physician.


Steps to Ensure Your Success

You have taken the first step by deciding to become a nonsmoker. Congratulations!
Hypnosis works most powerfully when you are strongly motivated and ready to commit to making a positive change in your life.
Demonstrate this commitment before listening to the recording by setting a “quit smoking date”. Get rid of all the ashtrays, lighters, and of course cigarettes. Let your family and friends know of your “quit smoking date” so that they can encourage and support you. 

Benefits of Listening to this Hypnosis Recording:

  • Discover your unique motivations to stop smoking without unnecessary weight gain
  • Learn how to use your motivations to become a permanent nonsmoker
  • Learn how to fully relax through breathing control
  • Learn how to use this body relaxation to heighten your hypnosis experience
  • Overcome your personal triggers and cravings.

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